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What is the best impact absorb sports protector?

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If in the process of extreme sports, the human body is not well protected, in the event of an accident, it will cause a great degree of physical injury or even death.

ACF has been committed to the research and application development of limit buffering materials for 13 years. We have successfully developed and produced the same quality extreme sports protective equipment as the international famous brand D3O.


ACF calls Artificial Cartilage Foam,Our material is extremely close to human cartilage and has excellent impact buffering properties. It can absorb up to 90% impact instantly and change into an invisible heat energy.

It advantage:

1,ACF protector features shock absorption, energy absorption, cushioning, environmental protection and comfort.

2,It can absorb more than 90% of external energy.

3,Support for different thickness, color, size customization.

4,Own a professional CE test report certificate.




No matter application in Skiing, american footbal, traffic jams gear, bicycles gear, etc. are available!

Hope my article will make some help!

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