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ACI Insole - Support the Rope Skipping Champion!

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Guinness World Record Holder!

In July of this year, "Lightspeed Kid" Xiao Lin broke the record of the five events in the 2019 WJR Skipping World Cup, and refreshed the single-jumping record with 3 minutes and 1141 times, becoming the Guinness World Record Holder.

In July 2019, Guangzhou the Seven Star Primary School Xiaolin Cen broke 5 records and a world record at the 2019 WJR High Jump World Cup in Oslo, Norway.


Why did Xiaolin achieve such impressive results?

First of all, It is the result of long-term efforts.

Second, The scientific and effective training methods.

ACF Lab specially designed a rope skipping special ACI (Artificial Pad Insole) insole for the Seven Star Elementary High Jump Team. The insole has cushioning and shock absorption function, which can effectively prevent the ankle from being injured in high strength and high intensity sports. There are daily training funds and competition funds. 


The type of daily training insole is mainly to protect athletes' feet and knees from impact damage. Therefore, ACF artificial cartilage biomimetic material that absorbs more than 90% of the impact force is built on the forefoot and hind foot of the bottom layer to achieve double shock absorption protection. The middle layer is made of strong breathable Aosolite material, which allows athletes to keep their feet dry during high-intensity exercise; the surface layer is made of mildew-proof and antibacterial materials to prevent athlete's foot.

The type of competition insole is more inclined to the bounce force during the game, so the difference from the daily training is mainly the underlying material. The game-specific model uses ACF artificial cartilage biomimetic material, which can absorb more than 90% of the impact on the forefoot, and the back foot has built-in high-elastic ASF material to protect and function.

Except running, hiking, hiking and other recreational activities, ACI insoles are also suitable for professional sports such as basketball, hip hop, parkour and other extreme sports, and even extreme sports, while reducing sports injuries and improving athletic performance.

The ACI cushion insole is accompanied by seven-star primary school students with high-intensity and difficult training for up to 2 years, support the skipping champion all the way !


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